The LTL Corpus started as a semester project for the Linguistics Program undergraduate topics course LING-479Language Corpora & Software” at EMU in Winter 2012. The project involves:

Contributors to this project were so far: Mohamed C. Beina, Tiffany J. Belcher, Damir Cavar, Malgorzata E. Cavar, Sarah A. Curry, Zac Smith, Mohammad S. Stroshein, David C. Zalewski

Although this corpus is still work in progress, we do hope you find the corpus and the online Philologic workbench useful. For suggestions, additional material, comments and ideas, contact the LTL.

We are grateful to Mark Olson from the ARTFL Project at the University of Chicago for his help and advice with Philologic 3, and to the ARTFL project members for creating Philologic and making it available as open source and free software. Special thanks go to Piotr BaƄski from the Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS) in Mannheim for his hints and suggestions related to the TEI P5 XML annotation and markup. We are also grateful to all the contributors to the Stanford CoreNLP, the GATE and UIMA text and language processing tools!